Interview with Sarah Agius

Where do you live:- Paola

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Scorpio

Main occupation:- Brand manager for retail outlet George

Media-related occupation:- TV presenter and model

Sarah Agius was always interested in fashion and style, in fact when she was young she always wanted to become a fashion designer, but never actually started studying design. Instead Sarah took up sales, which she believes gives her great satisfaction. “At the moment I have a bit of both worlds because I work in a fashion- based retail environment. Being the brand manager is very hectic, especially for a new shop opening such as George. It is a lovely brand, the product is of great quality at a very low price point. My job entails a lot of hard work, but it also has its positive aspects, like travelling abroad to the mother company to see the new collections and choosing clothes for the new seasons. On the other hand, my media career is also a huge part of me. I started off modelling when I was still younger and gradually I was called out to do photo shoots and adverts, then a big opportunity came along to start hosting a TV programme, and from then on I was always going from one challenge to the next”, stated SARAH AGIUS in her introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without, and why?

Hmmm I think that would be a black dress. I’m very conservative and love my little black dress. It’s a must-have for every wardrobe I guess. It can be used for a formal event, for a nice romantic dinner or just to go meet some friends at a bar, at any point – accessorise it accordingly and you’re good to go.

Do you look forward to sales?

Honestly, no! I hate queues and messy shelves where you cannot even see if your size is available. I prefer a much calmer environment.

Were you ever bullied as a child?

Yes, I used to be called names because I was very quiet, and goofy. I was even told I am a nerd because I used to wear nerdy glasses and had braces, and it’s ironic nowadays because when I look at myself, I see a different person. Everyone thinks I have a very strong character and that I am very outspoken. The reality is that when I was young I was very shy and naive, when people used to speak to me I would either cry or just blush scarlet.

If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

Oh probably have a nice break travelling around the world to places I haven’t been yet, but I would also really like to do some voluntary work to help the ones in need.

What do you prefer best from these: boys or mobile? And why?

Definitely mobiles. Well boys can be fun and maybe my answer is biased because I haven’t found the right person yet – I can live without a man, but I can’t imagine myself living without my phone :)