What’s Your Doodle Revealing?

How many times have you been on the phone with someone and ended up filling the paper in front of you with meaningless lines, arrows, hearts or simply scribbles? It’s something which happens to most of us and although we think that these scribbles are meaningless, psychologists actually believe that they might carry some sort of meaning.

These sort of scribbles, more commonly known as doodles, can take any shape or form and actually follow no specific pattern, however some shapes are more popular than others. Arrows, for instance, are typical doodles. These reflect determination and ambition – you are aiming for something. In fact, the sharper the arrow, the more serious the situation is. A second type of common doodle is the flower. This represents an amicable personality and you’re probably very family-centric. If, however, the petals are droopy, it means that something is worrying you.

The heart shape is the doodle for the romantic and positive person. This doodle indicates that you feel loved or want to give love and chances are you are a very romantic person. Meanwhile, if your doodles are more detailed and contain intricate patterns, you are probably an introvert and have quite an obsessive personality. Doodling houses is related to the need for security and depending on how neat or messy the doodle, it reflects what your situation at home is or what you wish it to be like.

Names or initials written unknowingly may also be considered as doodles. Writing your own name or initial indicates a love of attention and in fact teenagers often do this as a way of marking their space. Doodling another person’s name or initial means that they are in your thoughts.

The next time you’re on the phone for an hour and you find yourself doodling, check out your doodles in the end, maybe you weren’t just bored with the phone call. Maybe your brain is trying to send you a message!

Written by Claire Caruana.