Interview with Jean Pierre Cassar

Photography: Valentina Varrazzo

Where do you live:- Siggiewi

Status:- In a relationship

Star Sign:- Gemini

Main occupation:- Full-time student and part-time journalist

Media-related occupation:- Main Actor on a TV Series : )

Jean Pierre Cassar is always on the go and looking for something new to do in his life. “I get bored easily, so I’m always looking to find new spice in life. I love music, dancing and the performing arts! I enjoy socializing, travelling and intend to have the time of my life before I get older : ) I am an actor at the moment on DREAMS, but I’m planning to do presenting as the next project”, stated JEAN PIERRE CASSAR in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Do you wear boxers or briefs

Hmm let’s say I have both. It depends on the mood I guess! haha

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you make really well?

Hmm not really! I wish I was though! My friends are good cooks and sometimes I try to take tips from them, but till now I only got to omelettes, pasta and wraps! Haha..

Your first priority is women or cars? And why?

Hmm… I only use my car to go from A to B. It could have been a horse as long as it takes me to the places I want to go! But I still have some liking towards vintage cars and those really expensive ones! haha ! Also, my mother, my sister and my female friends play an essential role in my life! So in that case, girls!

What was your biggest failure to date?

My biggest phobia is failure, so I really work hard in everything I do so that I won’t fail! : )

What’s your personal genuine opinion about expression of sexuality in people?

We have so many issues to be sad about in this world, why create more? Let’s live and let live! And let everyone feel happy and accepted the way he/she likes to be. As long as everyone is happy, life will get easier and happier too!

Do you collect anything?

Not really no. But I do my best in life to collect good memories and experiences which I will be proud of : )