The Pippa Toledo Fashion Show

On Friday 14th June I was invited to the Pippa Toledo Fashion Show at Verdala Palace, the President’s Palace, in aid of the Community Chest Fund. It was a treat to sit in such a lovely setting, which is part of our heritage and watch completely made-in-Malta fashion, such an excellent showcase of Maltese craftsmanship.

Pippa Toledo is most renowned for being an extremely successful interior decorator and the first thing I noticed upon entering the front courtyard, where the show was held, was how stylish and glamorous the setting was. The catwalk was on an elevated stage and covered in black fabric, which looked chic and stylish. The seating was set at different angles, ensuring that everyone would have a good view of the catwalk.

Her collection is stunning, no other word can describe it better. Her jewellery and bags have been around for some years now and have been steadily climbing up the ranks affirming themselves in the eyes of local people as high quality, original, chic purchases that one should invest in. This collection definitely strengthens this view. She has actually managed to surpass herself, I would say, with her display of motif shaped jewellery set with beautiful gemstones made of spun woven gold and crochet detailing and her striking bags, each one displaying exquisite intricate designs.

And now there’s more – she has also launched a beautiful collection of clothes. Last year, at Malta Fashion Week 2012, she had also presented a clothing collection but it had seemed to me at the time, that the clothes were of secondary importance to her accessories. This year the tables have almost turned, the clothing designs were obviously given very high priority and some striking designs were presented that complement her accessories most perfectly. The collection is a very wearable one, and people of all ages and sizes should find something that would interest them.

After this excellent show, a reception was held in the gardens of the Palace. Flowing wine and good food was served, and guests were free to roam around inside the Palace and conduct their own tours. This was most definitely an enjoyable night of high-class fashion.

Models from and

Photos by IRIS – a group of Maltese talented photographers nationally recognized and called in to help in SOLIDARITY events.