The New Generation Royals

With the birth of the heir to the British throne now only weeks away, a sense of excitement is rising as we all await this very special arrival. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s child will be making history as the very first royal baby that will be next in line to the throne, regardless of its gender. This has been a long time coming in the ‘girl power’ stakes and shows a slow but steady evolution in the royal family’s succession laws.

However it may not all be plain sailing as rumours are strife that Kate Middleton, who has already made history for being the first member of the British royal family to have been accepted without having an official title in her own right, has now demanded that she raise the baby in her own way, not the traditional royal way.

It is being reported that Kate refuses to have a full-time nanny to assist with the newborn as has always been royal tradition, and further, she wishes to spend the early days of the new arrival’s life at home with her mother, rather than at Clarence House as has been the tradition for generations within the Windsor family.

Personally, I – and I’m sure many others – very much respect that she is standing her ground on these issues. As the world watched her marry her real-life Prince we all loved the fact that a ‘girl next door’ quite literally was transformed into a Princess overnight. These disputes over the upbringing of the child show that she has not lost herself in this elaborate and controlled world, as she is determined to be a hands-on mother, regardless of the family she may now be a part of.

Even more pleasing, is that Prince William has reportedly been nothing but supportive of his wife and mother of his child-to-be. Whatever she wants, he has backed her whole heartedly and been the supportive husband that every pregnant women needs so desperately at this stressful time. This fabulous couple represent a new era, where royal traditions may be challenged and reformed in order to suit the individuals, where despite there being very formal and rigid guidelines with regard to every aspect of their life, a woman is heard and her man supports this despite facing criticism from royal officials.

Good on Kate for standing her ground, and wanting to be as committed a mother as her role will possibly allow her to be, and good on William for truly behaving as every perfect Prince should.