Interview with fashion designer Biljana Tipsarevic

Photography: Dennis Calleja | MFW Photography: Kurt Paris (Left), Viktor Vella (Right) | MFW Photography: Steven Muliett

Young girls want to know what it takes to make it at such a young age. Do you feel there’s some sacrifice involved in becoming successful at a young age?

The word Success is a very individual thing and  it has a different meaning for everybody. In my opinion  happy people are successful people, no matter what  their professional achievements and results are. What is most important is to love yourself, love your life and enjoy it every single day.

Did you have to take any revolutionary steps to find fame? And do you think fame and success go hand-in-hand?

I cannot consider myself famous. I just love what I do and I do it with a lot of passion.

What’s particular about your collections and how do you feel it distinguishes you from others?

My fashion story is still at the beginning, I love to hear what fashion critics have to say about that. My collections are very feminine, sophisticated and elegant, which means that I attract these kind of girls and woman – the kind who are brave, who have a very strong attitude and, above all, love their feminine side.

Do you feel that being true to your art is more important than what your clients look like and feel? How do you find the balance between pleasing clients and satisfying your artistic vision?

For me it is not hard, I always find a way to please my vision and clients’ taste. I believe that every creation will attract the right person.

What is the colour that is dominant in your life and why?

Depends on the period of my life. At the moment I enjoy white and gold the most, it is a mirror of purity and glamour.

Most of your fans are curious to know what your personal fashion choices are… What would we see if we peeked into your wardrobe?

You would see a lot of belts and dresses.

You have a Masters in Industrial Engineering – does your expertise in this area influence your fashion designs?

Not directly my designing, but business for sure.