Barbie and Anime Girl – Real Life Versions!!

Cosmetic surgery is a very controversial subject, especially on our little island where it is still seen as taboo by many. Many argue, that cosmetic surgery is the case of promoting low self esteem, but in reality, a lot of people make use of the services offered. In fact there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve one’s self image. We all go and get out hair done, drastically changing colours and such. Most of society takes pride in caring for their personal image, and cosmetic surgery is there to help improve one’s image. Just as I go and get extensions in my hair to make my hair longer, in concept, enlarging one’s breasts is done under the same ideology – to look better, and feel more confident with our image. However, in life there is always an extreme. And this happens not only in the case of cosmetic intervention but even in simple things such as hair and make-up.

How psychologically healthy is it to want to look like Barbie, or a Manga girl? Well, to Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, looking like these two fictional characters is normality. Lukyanova, who is former Miss Ukraine, has decided that she wanted to become a real life Barbie, and models her daily beauty ritual on the doll. She has ultra long blonde hair, circle lenses and puts on her make-up in a particular way, to look like the doll. Strangely enough, she claims to have only had one bout of cosmetic intervention, that of breast enlargement, although she now wishes she had opted for a larger size. The rest of the Barbie look is done exclusively through a particular make-up look – and I have my doubts whether this claim is true. Her nose is perfect, her waist is incredibly small, and she looks literally like she’s made of plastic.

Shpagina, again from the Ukraine, who is 19 years old, on the other hand claims that she’s had no surgery whatsoever to look like a real life cartoon character. She spends 30 minutes applying her make up, and when she’s done, she looks like she has literally stepped out of a Japanese cartoon. With her bright vivid hair, and extremely thin physique, Shpagina weighs 6 stones, and again has a perfect button nose.  Looking at this girl, you would seriously have your doubts whether she’s real or not, and whatever she claims, I think it is impossible to look like she does without the help of surgery.

Both girls, or dolls, whatever we should be calling them, share their make-up tutorials on their respective You Tube channels should you be interested in adopting a doll like look!

Simply speaking, improving one’s self image and confidence through cosmetic surgery and non procedural beauty treatments such as with hair and make-up has become the norm for many people. Abusing these treatments to look downright ridiculous, is another. But then again, who am I to judge? They might be sincerely happy with their appearance, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters, right?

Of course, I cannot conclude without mentioning the real life Ken, right? Well, Ken, also known as Justin Jedlica had his first experience with surgery when he had a nose job at the tender age of 17. Since then, he has had more than 100 procedures, from jabs to surgery, spending $100,000, just to look like Ken. And he says there is still more to be done! Five nose jobs, pectoral and bicep implants, thigh implants and what not, Ken is the hallucination of the perfect guy. Well, I’m sorry Ken, but I would choose a little bit of tummy fat any day over your plastic being!