Life after losing someone special


Life is about timing, opportunities, responsibilities, emotions, dreams and desires.

So when two people find a deep emotional, and perhaps also physical, connection, a deep bond is formed at soul level which goes far beyond the infatuation of a new relationship.

You don’t have to live with someone to feel it. When you wake and the other person is fully occupying your subconscious thoughts, even if they are miles away, it feels like they are at your side.

But life has it’s complications, and for many reasons it is not always possible to live the dreams, desires and plans which two people made. I remember that one daughter of my great-grandmother stayed home to look after her elderly mother and never took a man into her life.

Work, location, children, parents and money can all be responsibilities which stop a potentially perfect relationship from becoming a reality, also for whatever other reason like not leaving an unfulfilling or harmful relationship for fear of leaving the “known” for the “unknown”.

Once the deep connection has been established at soul level, and then one “leaves” , for whatever reason, including death, the other will continue to feel the energy and presence of the departed, and this will include those subconscious waking moments, also anything which reminds you of perfect moments shared, a place, a photo, a song, and even seeing your loved one posting on Facebook while you are on-line.

The physical presence has gone with no hope of return, or realisation of those dreams. The deep connection will be felt for a long time and is real. We need time to heal, then we need to move on, and open to what life will offer us next.