Interview with Marylise Pace

Photography - Maria Bezzina

Can you describe your modelling experience at the Top Model WorldWide Search in London?

It has been one of the most amazing experiences in my modelling career so far. Being there, with models from all around the world is terrific. I felt really welcome and managed to meet new people in the fashion industry, like photographers and designers. I befriended other foreign models which made the experience even more enjoyable and we had a good laugh when we were together. I must say, when it was my turn to walk the runway I was truly excited, but I felt very confident too. I am grateful to the organisers and the director of Top Model, Geoff Cox, for co-ordinating this very well-organised and professional event. It is truly incredible being there on the London catwalk modelling for renowned designers. It is a priceless experience I will cherish all my life and it’s definitely one dream that came true!

What have you learnt from this experience?

This experience helped me to grow professionally, to keep improving and to see modelling from another perspective. Being on the catwalk, is not like a beauty pageant, different techniques need to be used. Although I’ve experienced the catwalk several times having participated in numerous fashion shows in Malta, and also in London last December,  we were trained to use different poses not the usual that we are accustomed to. During rehearsals, Lizzie Elliot and Tarmar Awobotu, both previous winners of Top Model, judged our catwalk one by one and showed us how to do it with a professional attitude. Confidence is also a very important factor which helps to prevent tension in the facial expression. It was a good experience from which I learnt a lot and it is a step forward in my modelling career.

How does it feel to model for established fashion designers?

It was great opportunity for me to be part of such a prestigious event. In London, I modelled for Omar Mansoor and Serap Pollard, both established designers in the UK. I felt very comfortable in the clothes I was given which helped my performance. We also modelled beach wear or lingerie which we had to style ourselves. I was enthusiastic and thrilled to get on the runway in those splendid glamorous outfits! I did my utmost during the show and felt great knowing that I did well from the positive feedback I received.

What is the way forward after your participation in London?

Being a model is a dream I achieved as I always craved to be part of the fashion industry and I am determined to continue in this path. Participating in the Top Model World Wide Search was an opportunities to further my skills. Apart from modelling, I am still studying for my accounts Advanced Level exam and also starting the ACCA course next year but I always try to manage my precious time for the things I love and enjoy. Yes, it takes effort and dedication but if there is a strong will there is success.

What message you want to give to any aspiring models who would like to grace the international catwalk of London?

Determination is the key to being successful. I never knew I was going to be chosen to model in London and be answering these questions right now, but I believed I had what it takes and I kept on striving to get here, although I still have a long way to the finish line. As with anything, the modelling world has its pros and cons, but one has to enjoy this dynamic industry and keep in mind to take pleasure from the opportunities that present themselves. London was a  super opportunity for me and I would like to thank Vogue Management for this. I encourage all aspiring models who would like to grace the International catwalk of London not only to put their mind to it but also their heart.