Summer Make-Up

Following my article on How to look and Feel Great in Summer, which focused on ways and means of keeping yourself healthy and glowing during the hot summer months, this follow up post is focusing on what make-up is best to wear, when basically we are all melting in the heat.

Of course, it is an obvious fact that your make-up will not be staying where you put it for very long, so minimal make-up is the obvious choice.  Still, we have imperfections to hide, and a few wrinkles here and there to smoothen, so no matter how hot the weather is, we need some sort of coverage.  A full face of make-up is generally not the answer as it will definitely partake in a melting process, and look a complete mess in the space of fifteen minutes.

So what do we reach for?  Well, luckily for us, cosmetic companies have been coming up with loads of innovative products, and a favourite of mine has definitely become the BB cream which as you all probably know is an abbreviation for blemish balm. These BB creams are really light, and cleverly conceal your blemishes without weighing down your skin. They are so much lighter than a foundation, and work extremely well over a make-up primer. So after you cleanse/tone/moisturize and use your SPF specifically designed for the delicate skin on your face, reach for a make-up primer, which evens out your complexion and smoothens fine lines. Next, apply your BB cream, with your finger tips or a brush, if you prefer, all over your face. You can then use a stick or cream concealer on the particular blemishes which the BB cream did not manage to conceal, and set everything with a translucent powder.

Now that you have your make-up base ready, you can contour your face with a bronzer, which will give you a healthy, tanned glow, and finish off your cheeks with a pretty pink blush. On to the eyes, again, an eye primer will work wonders at keeping your eye lids oil-free, thus keeping your eye make-up on for much longer. A pretty pastel colour on your lids, finished of with a winged liner in a waterproof version, is very on trend this season, and a waterproof volumizing mascara will seal the look. On your lips, it is time to have fun and go bold with bright pinks, oranges and reds.  Forget the nudes this season, and be more daring with the great selection of colours available! Bright Coral is a particular colour to be seen in this summer, and all leading brands have a multitude of different coral shades in their collections.

This make-up routine, which is perfect for daily wear, can be glammed up during the evening using gorgeous baked eye shadows in darker and brighter hues. These are great for fresh summer looks, especially if you have a glowing tan! They are silky and shimmery and will complete your look, and all leading cosmetic brands have their own pretty selection.

As a closing note, I really suggest you invest in a setting spray, which will set your make-up and therefore, help it stay put for much longer! These sprays also hydrate your skin, and are very refreshing. I would say they are an essential!

And there you have it!  Flawless make-up for the summer months, following the saying that basically less is more! Have a glorious summer!!