Dos and don`ts for the Pear!


Pear shaped women are women who carry most of their weight in the lower half of their body. Generally, their bust is somewhat small and their arms and waist are toned and defined, also the shoulder width of a pear shaped woman is generally less than their hip width.

For every body shape there are a number of dos and don’ts that go a long way in helping a person look more fabulous. Today the focus is on the pear.

Dos for a Pear

Wear anything with a padded shoulder; the extra bulk on the shoulder will balance out the hip width.

Wear halter-neck tops/dresses. These also generate perceived extra broadness to the shoulder area.

Wear A-line skirts/dresses that skim over the hips, these will cleverly conceal any extra weight around the lower body.

Define your waist area when wearing an A-line skirt. If your lower body is ‘concealed’ then you should define your waist area by adding a tight belt – show off that small waist!!

Wear longer tops that end at the hip bone. These detract attention from the bum area.

A jeans trick is to ensure that the jeans have big pockets at the back. Small pockets will make the bum seem bigger, ideally, try and find jeans with pockets that extend downward from the bum into the thigh.

Don’ts for a Pear

Wear oversized dresses/jackets These will make your whole body look big.

Wear drainpipe jeans/trousers. These are very unflattering on a pear, a very thin pear might get away with it by wearing a looser/longer top and heels. 

Wear flat ballerina shoes with skinny jeans, this is really the worst thing a pear can do as the legs will look really short and thick. Flat, large-shaped boots might work if the pear has long legs and is very thin.

Buy a bikini with pants that are too small. Buy mix and match options and get a larger size for the bottom.

Wear thin, horizontal stripes on your lower half. Go for vertical stripes instead so as to make your legs seem taller.

There you have it. Go forth my pear armed with all the knowledge to make you look fabulous.