Spin yourself thin

It’s a sad fact of life that we often do not keep our metabolism and shapes into adult life. I know this all too well as a former stick-thin twig who could fit into a size zero up until around the age of 21. From there it all went downhill and eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted suddenly began to have consequences.

Now I’ve never been the kind of girl who would go on a first date and shyly order a small salad, then sit there delicately chewing on a lettuce leaf. No thanks, I am not ashamed to say I enjoy my food and to deceive a potential future partner into thinking any different of me would frankly be fraudulent.

However I do appreciate that health and fitness is an important factor in life, and dropping a dress size or two is not to be sniffed at, most women would welcome this with open arms. This is a troubling concept to me though, as I have also never been the kind of person who understands how people can choose to daily, voluntarily spend hours of their spare time sweating profusely in public gyms, looking unsightly. This definitely does not appeal to me, life is far too short for that kind of nonsense.

My love of food and lack of love for exercise put me in quite a predicament, that is until I was recommended spin classes that are at held regularly at the gym. Half an hour, once a week, of an insanely intense workout on a bicycle – and visible results within two/three weeks!

Don’t get me wrong, this is by no means an ‘easy’ option. At my first session I quite literally thought it would finish me off and was saddened by the potential next day’s newspaper headlines ‘Local Girl Meets Her Maker At Spin Class’, there must be far chicer ways to go I told myself as I saw myself headed towards a bright light. But I lived to tell the tale. Furthermore, I’m losing weight, have no restrictions on my diet, and I’m only wasting half an hour of my week in doing so. For an exercise-phobic foodaholic, this is a superb solution!