Interview with Twin Models Naomi & Sarah Mifsud

So, Naomi and Sarah …tell us something about yourselves?

Well as you can see we’re twins haha, we’re 17 years old and we both go to MCAST. It was never a problem for us to make friends as we are very outgoing and bubbly. We have also both been playing music since we were 10 years old; I play the guitar and my sister Sarah plays the piano. Usually in our free time we mostly go out with our friends or try and do something different than usual.

The big question. Are you the best of friends or the best of enemies?

Best of friends definitely! We spend most of the time together, at school, at home and even when we go out. We enjoy each other’s company and we tell each other everything, we are glad we have each other in our lives.

How did you get into modelling? When did your first break happen?

Actually, Marisa Grima scouted us. I (Naomi) was scouted first by Marisa, but then when I met with Marisa again, I brought Sarah with me unexpectedly. When we told Marisa that we were twins we both were chosen to start modeling with Supernova. Our first photo shoot was with Pink Magazine, March issue.

You were recently selected to model in a fashion shoot for the designers Creative Factory Seven, tell us something about that experience…

It was quite a fun experience! It was a fun theme and we really enjoyed it. The make-up and the hair styles were amazing and we simply fell in love with the dresses!

Can you give us your opinions on these designs? Do the clothes fit into your general fashion style?

As we already said, the dresses were simply amazing and comfortable. The thing is we do not usually wear that type of fashion style but unexpectedly we loved the dresses.

In each of your opinions, who is the better model?

Naomi: I personally think my sister is a better model than I am because she projects her facial expressions better than I do.

Sarah: I think Naomi is a better model since she is more photogenic than I am and is more confident in front of the camera.

Any exciting plans for 2013?

Right now we are mainly focusing on our studies but we hope to have more opportunities in our modeling careers as we love modeling a lot!


Styling: Caroline Paris
Photography: Kurt Paris
Clothes Designers: Creative Factory 7
Projection Artwork: Creative Factory 7
Hairstyling: Chris @ Michael & Guy
Makeup: Krista Paris
Models: Naomi & Sarah @