Man Of Steel and The Evolution of Superman Movies

Man Of Steel is due to be released mid-June. Zack Snyder (director) with his stylistic visuals, Christopher Nolan (producer) and his creative input, an A-list cast – not to mention the mind-blowing theatrical adverts and the music… the anticipation and feedback from fans is already as positive even before the film’s release.

The granddaddy of superheroes appeared for the first time in 1938 with the help of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. The harbinger of hope has made quite an impact on popular culture with his uncomplicated heroism towards truth, justice and hope. No wonder fans are possessive about the character and want to see him interpreted in the best possible way.

Superman Returns was disappointing to say the least. Bryan Singer’s man of steel was too close to the preceding incarnation, making him solid and emotionally direct but not too absolute a powerhouse many had hoped for.

It is peculiar that the towering Moses-Hercules hybrid, who helped  so many other superheroes rise, be struggling to be reinvented. Therefore, this film will be focused on the early days of Superman. The approach they seem to have taken – that there’s been no other Superman movie just like Nolan had done with Batman Begins origin story – is comforting, keeping in mind the canon(masterpiece by which all other films are judged), structure, design and story not being slaves to the movies.

The S on Superman’s torso does not stand for superman but in fact a sign of hope on Krypton. So let’s hope that Man of Steel will meet the high expectations preceding its release!