Interview with Muxu

Birth Name:- Matthew Mercieca

Where do you live:- Msida

Status:- In a relationship

Star Sign:- Cancer

Main occupation:- Singer/Songwriter and Travel Supplier

Media-related occupation:- Singer/Songwriter

Matthew Mercieca who goes by the name, MUXU, has been nominated for several awards and also won the award for Best Solo Artist at the 2010 Bay Music Awards.  “I’m currently opening a small production company with Carlo Gerada, and I’m loving meeting all these new artists, and getting to be a part of their musical journey. I also hope that people who know me as a singer will also realise that I am also a songwriter”, stated MUXU in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?

Both! Depending on my mood.

What are you looking forward to mostly in the coming days?

For the weather to get nicer, and not this random mess that is happening at the moment. Joking aside, I am working on loads of music as a songwriter, so I can’t wait for people to hear all this new music.  I am also loving just creating my album. I took a year out from releasing my own music, so I’m enjoying the freedom of being in the studio writing the kind of music I love. Some of it could end up on my album and maybe even singles, but others could end up being good memories for me and the producers in the future. I  just love that freedom.

Do you usually hoard things or regularly throw stuff out?

Unfortunately I hoard things. I always think that maybe one day it will be useful again(never)! However, I went through my things recently and found stuff that I haven’t used for over 10 years, so I’m going to have to let go of things. This is the beginning of a new more organised future?  I’m hopeful.

What do you like doing while on holiday?

If I am going on holiday, it’s for two reasons. Normally, if it’s in Europe I’d go watch a concert or a show, but my new obsession is learning about new cultures.  I want to go to Africa, Asia, South America to learn about new religions and new cultures. I’m not after  luxury.  I want to live with the locals, to walk in their shoes, see the world from their point of view. I always tell people that when I’m older I’d like to look back and say, “Remember when I was broke in India or Brazil or Mozambique, and I had to somehow make my way back” . Isn’t that a much cooler story to tell the kids?

Are you a good cook?  What is it that you cook really well?

Hahaha I am TERRIBLE.  Once, when my mum was abroad, I cooked my family a three course meal and it turned out very well! I cooked chicken with honey, but every time I try to repeat the meal, the chicken ends up not cooked enough, or over-cooked, so I think it was beginners luck! But I make an amazing toasted sandwich :p

What do you prefer :- women or cars? And why?

Haha CARS!  But my mum (and Beyoncé) are incredible women, so I say women !!