My Family and The Sicilian Wedding

This is not an actual wedding photo

So here I am at Hospital Virgen del Puerto, Plasencia, Spain on The Hope Exchange Programme 2013 regarding Patient Safety. I have pushed myself this year to my limit – not only by being all over Spain for a month – but I am also pursuing two MSc with exams and assignment deadlines gnawing at my very existence. I have embarked on too many a thing and now I’m bearing the brunt of it. But as my mother patiently said to me today – you will manage as always! She may be right but I am feeling on edge so to ease off all my worries I’m writing this on my laptop in my bedroom at the doctor’s quarters since I have no internet access, and my MPharm notes that I have to study are all online. And and if the latter was not already enough I finished the book I was reading – Fire After Dark by Saddie Matthews (a good read!) and forgot to pack Bad Pharma by Goldaccre.

 I love Spain but my God everything here is in Spanish – TV, music, etc. The next time I will be listening to any song in English I am sure it will seem like manna from heaven! I placed the TV on football where Real Madrid is playing against some other team since that at least I can understand and will offer a little company – talk about feeling lonely and homesick! P.S. I have lived in Oxford, UK for an entire year and I have never felt this way. But here in Spain the struggle is uphill – I blame this on the language or rather my lack of the Spanish language skill. I have come to learn basics out of necessity and desperation but here everything is a struggle!

Anyway enough of my Spanish moaning some feel good factor now and this is my most recent Italian first cousins’ wedding in Sicily. So most of my family members meet up in Malta – since many of us live all over the world – and a van collects us to head to the catamaran to attend the wedding in Sicily. And one thing I must say is that it was one big laugh and such a memorable time that even as I write this I smile – much needed in my misery here in Spain.

Apart from the fab wedding – cathedral, venue (Villa Anna – Pozzallo, Sicliy), food (oysters as starters, etc) my extended family is a truly funny lot! I am just so blessed for them to be mine. Now here is where I thank my father (who has long left this world that I don’t even know him) who has married a woman from a great family! This is my promise in the world that when I get to choose the man in my life I will ensure my kids will have a fab dad and great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc… just like I have – just cause my dad chose my mother wisely! …Eternally indebted daddy since the choice is beyond perfect!

For starters on the trip to Sicily you get my grandfather who apart from being a generous person (he paid for all the costs incurred on the entire trip) is a well-travelled man and has a V8 mind that even I always learn from him (although I am well-travelled too and not a low IQ type of girl). Then there is my sister and her husband who to me are simply inspiring in everything they do, but what touches my heart is their love for each other! Then there is my unmarried aunt who, as always, makes me laugh so much with her antics that I get stomach spasms and tears in my eyes. She is the epitome of a woman who has to endure living with my grandparents although she is of no tender age. Then there is my cousin VD and she is such a loving, humble girl that when she calls me babe, qalbi etc I just melt! Now the best for last, my aunt and uncle. My uncle is just the person who teases me till I can’t take it anymore and comes up with The Ten Commandments of Laziness. Where he got them from I have no idea but to me at least they are hilarious and here they are for you to enjoy (or at least I hope you do) –

1. We live to rest.

2. Love thy bed. It is your Temple.

3. If you see someone resting, help them.

4. Rest all day, in order to sleep better at night.

5. Work is Sacred. Go nowhere near it.

6. Don’t do anything tomorrow, if it can be done the day after tomorrow.

7. Work as little as possible. Leave the rest to the others.

8. RELAX!! No one has ever died while resting. On the other hand, at work you may get injured.

9. When you have the urge to work, lie down until it’s gone.

10. Don’t forget… Work means health. Offer it to those who need it the most, the…”ill”.

Just one last thing, before I get my well-deserved sleep after all the travelling I have to endure in Spain, meeting my Italian uncle, aunt, cousins etc was just the cherry on the cake of a fantastic Sicilian Wedding! As for you EVE readers my take-home message here is that if you ever get invited to a wedding abroad do go because there is something so special in attending them – this has been my third one and although I have been to many in Malta these do remain in my heart for some reason! Till the next one – and when life is getting a little too rough remember The Ten Commandments!