Create A Perfect Base #5 – Blush Time

Blush application according to face shape

Now that your face is almost complete, there remains only the blusher application. Here are some tips for a perfect application:

Choose your blush type – If you’ve got oily skin, then opt for powder blushes, whilst if your skin is dry or even normal, then cream blusher would be the best option.

Choose your blush colour – You can use any colour you want, according to the particular occasion … don’t be afraid to experiment! However, for an everyday look, I would suggest matching your blush hue with the colour your cheeks would normally turn to when you blush naturally.

Tools needed – Use a large fluffy brush to apply.

When to apply? Always apply blusher last. This will help you decide what amount you need to put on and it will also help you not to apply too much product.

Application – According to your face shape (see picture above), apply your blusher and blend well.

Went overboard? Worry not! If you used a powder blush, then add some translucent powder on top to tame it, whilst if you used a cream blush, use a tissue to blot the excess colour.