Interview with Clare Agius

Clare, while on set from the feature film due January 2014, SIMSHAR Clare, while on set from the feature film due January 2014, SIMSHAR
Photography: Paul Trapani Galea Feriol

Where do you live:- Tal-Palma, Mgarr

Status:- A wife and a mummy

Star Sign:- Virgo

Main occupation:- Freelancer Media Producer and Presenter

Media-related occupation:- TV Presenter and Producer

Clare Agius has been producing and appearing on the popular programme ‘Ilsien in-Nisa’ since last year, but this year has been nothing short of excitement in her acting career. “Whilst enjoying my baby’s first year, I have also been assigned the role of Sharon, Simon’s wife and Theo’s mother in the film Simshar – Malta’s first feature film for an international audience directed by Rebecca Cremona who has already won a Directors Guild of America Jury Prize.  Although inspired by real events, Simshar is a fictional film and is surely one to put Malta on the international map within the filming industry.  It was such an amazing experience to work with the very best of local talent while working hand-in-hand with international crew and cast.  My role was very challenging because it draws on the real emotions of a woman who faces the biggest tragedy of all – the loss of her son. It was an incredible opportunity, as an actress, to have been given a role that allows me to explore these emotions in such depth.  While being carefully directed by Rebecca, I was able to draw on my own real experiences to meet this challenging role. Being on set was a real pleasure and I would do it over and over again, because to see artists from different departments come together on such a passionate project is surely to be a unique experience! I have high hopes for this film and believe it will be doing Malta and its people and culture, a real honour”, stated CLARE AGIUS in this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without, and why?

There would not be any. I learnt to live with absolutely no fashion items during my travels, so I prefer to have practical things. However, I do love my bags in whatever shape or size they come.

Given the choice, would you opt for a natural tan or fake tan? Why?

I cannot take the sun that much these days, so it will probably have to be a fake tan for me.

What do you like doing while on holiday abroad?

Either being totally active like skiing, hiking or exploring all day long or totally relax in a beach house with a good book and plenty of yoga.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

Carry a diamond ring half way across the world to propose to me mid-way through our holiday and risk loosing it or even worse, me coming across it, as our clothes and luggages were coming in and out and getting mingled as we hopped across Alaska.

Do you collect anything?

Yes I’m a hoarder! I seem to be unable to part with old jewellery, bags, shoes and clothes that have some kind of memory or sentimental value

Do you think that because something is more expensive it is automatically better in quality?

More often than not, yes. You can always look and shop around for good buys and I love buying quality stuff that’s on offer, but compromising quality for something cheaper that I know I will not get much wear out of, does not really suit me.