Mixing ordinary clothes with extraordinary pieces

Model: Lara Cutajar Model: Mariana Models: Ilaria & Yasmine Models: Yasmine & Mariana

Be creative with scarves and shawls this season and create your own unique look!

Origins: While Rome is one of the first places where scarves started to be worn, Kashmir shawls originated in Kashmir, India, and still remain the most widely known woven textiles.

The scarf was originally called a Sudarium in Latin, translated to ‘sweat cloth’ in English. This was mostly worn by men and was used to wipe sweat from around the face and neck. Women then started to wear these scarves in different refined fabrics and since then it has been used as a fashionable item and has been included by many internationally renowned designers in their seasonal collections.

An example is the distinguished, made in Italy label – Passigatti , available in Malta at the White Shop in Valletta. Established by Mr. Giorgio Passigatti about 60 years ago, they’ve been working ever since to create trendy and fashionable scarves in exquisite fabrics.

How to wear scarves and shawls?

Bring comfort and freedom to your look this Summer and get ideas from our different looks.

You can choose to go for a vintage bohemian look, or else get inspired by different holidays scenarios such as a romantic trip to Rome, a relaxing weekend break in Capri or a sailing trip to Costa Azzura. These scarves and shawls can be worn as a toga top, a halter-neck top, or even combined together to create a pair of loose trousers, ideal for the scorching temperatures of a Maltese Summer.

On the other hand, fringed shawls can be wrapped around the neck or draped to hang loose in front of a sleeveless tank top, with shorts and sandals, combined with some statement jewellery.

Alternatively, you can combine with maxi skirts, denim shorts or knitted sleeveless gilets. Espadrilles which are very ‘in’ at the moment are also a great combination to these items.

I always believed that the little pretty things make all the difference, and such items, apart from being a great way to dress up any outfit, are also very unique. However, it is very important not to forget to select colours and textures that compliment your body type and skin colour.

My shoot for The White Shop on board the Super Yacht Mar.

Photography by Samuel Rondot

Clothing: The White Shop, Valletta. thanks to Mrs. Daniela Damiano.

Models: Ilaria Falzon, Lara Cutajar,
Mariana Mariana Svobodová & Yasmine Pace.

Special thanks to Captain Marcello Carbonara.