Yoga: My First Journey Into The Spiritual Practise

My attention was pulled in so many directions. I walked through life absolutely asleep.

I looked for myself in countries, jobs, relationships, material things but I was nowhere to be found. Time alone was unthinkable in case I found myself facing the truth or worst still, myself!

My programming was set to sabotage me at every turn, to whisper things in my head that are not life supportive. Why?

Well, our domestication has taught us to create drama, to blame others, to avoid taking responsibility, to always ask others for advice, to depend on others rather than ourselves, to trust others other than ourselves and to project everything our mind tells us onto everyone else. And this was all I knew! 

When we are surrounded by others that are programmed the exact same way, it is challenging to get out of these types of behavior and thinking patterns.

That is where a life retreat entered the picture!

I was being forced to leave it all behind and journey into myself if I wanted to see some true changes, so I went away from everything and everyone I knew including the past bullshit, drama and self pity. So it was India, Yoga, silence, potent life changing philosophies and ME! This is what happens when you get the balls to face yourself in total silence. THINGS SHIFT AND SILENCE SINGS!

I had to wake up and dive in.

You get to imagine what life could be like if you let go of your point of view, your way of processing your life, the white knuckle grip and your long last love affair with your drama!