Tips for End-of-Season Sales

As spring draws to a close and the summer season beckons, two main fashion related thoughts are evoked in my head – skimpier clothes and end-of-season sales. Whilst mid-season sales have become much more popular in Malta over the past few years, there is nothing quite like an end-of season sale whereby stock is reduced to half or less than its original price.

Because I like forming lists, I tend to classify shoppers in two main categories, there’s the hunting kind, the kind who will hunt and hunt through piles of clothing in order to find that awesome bargain and then there’s the ‘pick-from-the-rail’ kind, the kind that mainly buy full priced stock off the clothing rails. There’s nothing absolutely wrong with either of these categories but I myself fall in the first one, let me loose in a bazaar-kind of shop and I will happily get lost in there for hours on end and walk out at closing time with my hands full of treasures.

The first category of shoppers probably need no help or pointers for tackling sales but for the others, don’t run away from sales, here are some tips for scoring a few real bargains.

Ask the shop assistants – Chances are they’ve already had a good, long peep around the shop and they know exactly what sizes and stock are available, if you can’t spot what you need amidst the confusion, ask them; they might point you in the right direction.

Try Everything On – Changing rooms tend to get full and there’s often a queue, don’t be tempted to skip trying the clothes on, however cheap the items are; if you never wear it, it’s expensive.

Don’t buy it if it doesn’t fit – Lots of women tend to buy clothes that don’t fit right, either with the intention of altering them or with the intention of changing their body to fit in them. Unless you’ve got a really good track record with altering clothes, or the item is expensive, you’re likely not to get round to doing it and as far as changing your body goes….I think clothes should fit you, not the other way round.

Look at what’s in trend next season – Fashion trends are forecasted a season in advance, so at the end of one season, you know exactly what trends are carrying over into the next season. If something is still likely to be in fashion for another whole season, then it earns extra points.

Good Luck and I hope this has been useful!!