Interview with Kevin Borg

Where do you live:- Stockholm, Sweden

Status:- Married

Star Sign:- Gemini

Main occupation:- Singer / Songwriter / Producer

Media-related occupation:- Own my own record company in Stockholm, Kay Records and Artist

KEVIN BORG started his career in Malta, when he joined Tensing which was  part of the YMCA and then he went all the way to start singing on the famous Maltese programme ‘Kalamita’ – thanks to Alfred Zammit and Joe Brown. A big thanks from Kevin later on goes to Jason Cassar for introducing him to the Malta Song for Europe stage. Also family Mizzi who gave him the opportunity to start singing in a hotel back then. He met his wife, Sofia, at that hotel and they moved to Sweden where he ended up winning the Swedish Idol against 8,000 others. Since then it has been non-stop work and gigs around Sweden for him. “I’m in the process of recording a new album and in talks for a new record deal. I also have my song-writing career which is doing quite well I might say. I’ve just began a close cooperation with Starlab publishing whose songs are pitched regularly to the Asian market and I’m working hard on that at the moment. In my career so far, I’ve managed to sell a platinum single, a platinum album, a gold album and other prizes which I am very fond of”, stated KEVIN BORG in his introduction to this interview with RAMONA PORTELLI.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?

Boxers :)

What do you like doing while abroad on holiday?

I switch off my phone for starters. Otherwise I would be working on my holiday too. I love to spend time with my wife Sofia.

What was your biggest failure to date?

My biggest failure to date ended up being saved at the very last minute. I was touring and I had done 81 concerts in 3 months and I had a preposition from a guy who wanted to be my manager. Since I was not that fluent in Swedish, I was going to sign it not knowing that he was going to take money from  everything I earned six months in advance without lifting a finger. I remember Sofia coming in, looked at the contract and told me everything. I was very shocked and thank God I did not sign anything hehe.

What do you think about the Maltese music scene?

I think the Maltese music scene is evolving. What I would like to see improved  is the collecting agency, which in Malta’s case is PRS, regarding radio plays, TV and all other plays concerning royalty collection for the creators of the songs (songwriters/producers). If a song is played on Swedish radios, a small amount of money is collected and sent to the creators and that is why songwriters abroad do this for a living, because they are actually paid for their work being played. I don’t know how this works in Malta, but I don’t think that it is working properly because we never received one cent. Malta being a very small country has an amazing amount of talent and I am looking hard  for artists who fit the criteria for our songs or even maybe a contract, but it takes time.

Which is your favourite spot in your house? Why?

The living room because I love to relax on the sofa after a day’s work :)

What would you never buy?

A cat !! Nothing against cats, I actually think they are beautiful animals, but I am so allergic when it comes to cats.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Sometimes we are engaged and sometimes divorced !! Money is not everything ! Health and happiness is. Of course, I would not say no to a million Euros, but I’m not blinded by money.