Caring For Your Feet (Part1)


Taking care of your feet properly may seem like a tiresome prospect – after all, they don’t often feature on daily beauty or grooming regimes. However, it can make a massive difference to how you look and feel – while helping you to avoid the pain and inconvenience of unsightly problems such as cracked heels, corns and calluses’, athlete’s foot etc. Very few of us have a regime for feet whereas we all do so for our face.

Daily Routine 

Developing a regular foot-care regime is easy by just rethinking your existing habits. A little bit of care and attention will bring improved, longer-lasting benefits than a sudden attempt to tackle a problem once it’s occurred.

Wash your feet each day – Cleaning away the everyday build-up of dirt and sweat reduces the risk of infection and keep your feet smelling fresh. Don’t forget the area between your toes – it’s a gathering-point for dirt and bacteria. Once you are ready feet are to be dried thoroughly. Fungi, such as the types which cause discoloured nails or Athlete’s foot, thrive in warm, moist conditions. So take a couple of seconds to pull the corner of a towel through the gaps between your toes. You may also want to change the towel after every use – or set one aside for only drying your feet – since fungi can lie dormant for up to four weeks.

Ex-foliate -By removing rough or hard skin, you’ll help stimulate healthy skin growth while cleansing your feet and leaving them smooth and soft. Pumice stones and foot files are a good way to remove hard skin. You may also want to use a feet rough skin removing lotion. Such lotions normally contain pieces of pumice and will help you to effectively remove the hard skin. The secret to successful ex-foliating is to use an even rubbing-motion over a wide area without pressing down too hard. Take special care to go gently over joints and bony areas.

Moisturise – Once you’ve ex-foliated, moisturise your feet as this will help to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Because the skin of the foot is much thicker than elsewhere on your body, you’ll need a feet moisturiser with deep penetrating properties.

Weekly Routine

Nail trimming – By regularly trimming your toenails, you’ll help keep them healthy – and looking great. Nails left to grow too long can thicken, become hard and start growing into the surrounding skin. Following a bath or shower when your nails are soft, use Nail Clippers to trim straight across the nail. Don’t trim them back too close to the skin or cut into the corners. If you have a hangnail, avoid the temptation to pull at it.

A soothing bath – For many people, a typical ‘day’ lasts around 16 hours – a long time for your feet to be working hard for you. So, if your legs, ankles and feet feel hot, tired or heavy when the weekend does finally arrive, try soaking them. The cleansing and reviving effect can be pure pleasure.

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