What a little plant work can do!

Flower pots in balcony.. Hanging plants for small spaces... your windowsill - perfect place to hang your herbs..

Do you ever get the feeling that no matter how well you have planned out your space it still has something missing?
It could be a little nature is all you need!

Adding plants to your interiors makes the world of difference, not just because of the recycled air you’re breathing in, but also aesthetically, and here’s why:

1. Aura: Plants bring in something authentic and genuine, giving your space calmness and serenity.
2. Texture: Plants add texture to your home, there’s a certain essence in the bark of a plant and leaves of a tree, which is  hard to find in man made materials.
3. Colour: those beautiful shades of green. I have recently written an article about how inspiration from nature is the best yet. Incorporating it is even better!
If you are nodding your head so far then carry on reading!

Here are a few tips on how to choose your plants:

1. I wouldn’t recommend smallish plants in large spaces – keep the scale of the room by placing large, lustrous plants, or else they will look misplaced.
2. Smaller plants look good on counters, window sills and tables so if you’ve got no space on your floor use your furniture!
3. Go for beautiful tropical plants even in small areas. They give off a jungle vibe that is fun, colourful and exhilarating.
4. Add plants to your bathroom – I notice that not a lot of people do this but I would strongly suggest it. Bathrooms have a tendency of looking cold due to the amount of tiles, ceramics and mirroring without a lot of texture. Plants could add the warmth that it needs.

One last tip for those with tiny little balconies like myself. Get rid of the tiles by installing decking (very affordable) and add your own little ‘tropical garden’. If you decide to spread the plants out it doesn’t have the same effect, so gather them all up in one corner for your own piece of the jungle!