Summer With An Edge

Summer Chic Summer Chic Summer Chic

Whether you are drawn to the pretty in pastel or edgy and chic, or something completely different for that matter –  start thinking different this summer. At least this is what I’ve been telling myself lately – get something new. 

I’m sure that what I always buy and wear is something I know will fit me and not cause a confusion in my head when I open my wardrobe, but sometimes we need to add a colour or style that is not only new for the season, but new to ourselves just as much. You might be surprised, and small things like that can easily boost your confidence enough to get you going in other areas too, where you might be stuck in old habits without knowing.

Think of your current style and imagine yourself choosing something different – a bold necklace instead of a style that goes unnoticed or a bright colour on a pair of shoes that you assume goes with nothing else in your wardrobe, until you realise it might actually do – just give it a shot!

Look for inspiration wherever you go and if you like something – go for it, be it ‘your style’ or not :)

Images Own creations/Polyvore