Interview with Martine Vella

Face of Malta 2012 coronation left to right: Jeff Francalanza, Martine Vella, Alan.J.Darmanin, photo: Keith Darmanin

How has winning the title “Face of Malta 2012” impacted your life? Pros and cons.

Winning Face of Malta has changed my life completely. I was so busy, it was incredible, I loved every second of it! It has opened many doors for me. I have had a diversity of photo shoots, fashion shows, presentations at various events, interviews, as well as making it on a front page local magazine. Face of Malta has also given me the opportunity to meet new people – photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists etc. It has also helped me maintain my fitness levels, since I took part in many events, I had to always look my best. I would not change anything from this experience, I would re-live it all over again!

Best beauty tip you found useful?

Having an hour’s nap before an important event and being patient and be myself before a presentation or fashion show.

How long does it take you to get ready for a night out? Are you high or low maintenance?

It usually takes me an hour to get ready, if I’ll be in a rush. But if not it takes me an hour and a half. It all depends on the occasion. I’m high maintenance as, if I’m not sure about the outfit I’m wearing, I will change until I feel comfortable and appropriate for the occasion.

Describe your ideal date night.

My ideal date night would be a dinner with a sea-view, candle-light and soft music, then end the night with a walk on the beach, barefoot.

What are your upcoming projects and future aspirations?

In a few weeks time the Face of Malta 2013 contest is coming up, where I will be present to crown the next winner. My future aspiration would be to travel the world, get to work with high fashion designers, fashion stylists and photographers, where I could really feel the true passion for art and fashion.