Mention Tantra and most people think “sex”. Tantra is a 6000 year old philosophy and practice, stemming from Hindu and Buddhist origins, similar to Tao from China. As in western philosophies sexuality is a fundamental part of life, but Tantra is much deeper than that.

In Tantra – first purify the body – purify it of all repressions. Allow the body energy to flow – remove the blocks. Observe and learn from cats – how they sleep, how they relax, how they live in a non-tense way.

Tantra is said to be the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. Tantra is alchemy, which can create rhythm and harmony between two people, which is like electricity, and can be turned on and off at will.

Tantra is a conscious, spiritual path, which does not exclude sexuality as something dirty or shameful, but acknowledges that it is central to our life. Sexual energy is our life force energy.

We do not have to separate our spirituality from everyday life. We can be conscious in the way we treat all aspects of life with gratitude, compassion, honour, respect and love.

Tantric practices allow lovers to honour each other and to connect more deeply, move away from ego and expectation – disappointment, instead entering a sensual world of timeless intimacy, and deep spiritual meaningful connection, leaving us fulfilled instead of empty.

Tantra massage is a beautiful form of “sacred sexual healing” of past issues and blockages, allowing the energies to flow. Tantric training can bring relationships back to fulfilment depth and purpose, also bringing meaning to those who live alone.