The Mother of The Bride

In the lead up to a wedding there are so many things to handle and so many preparations to be made that stress levels tend to rise. One of the things that seems to cause lots of stress to a bride is the famous question – What is my mother going to wear?

Well yes, it’s true, after the bride, the mother-of-the bride is the second most important female person at a wedding, but there’s no need to get all stressed out about it. Luckily enough, the wedding industry is such a big market that there are plenty of options to consider, both locally and internationally.

When I style a mother-of-the-bride, the outfit chosen depends on a number of factors:

First and foremost, care should be taken to avoid the following colours:

  • The colour of the bride’s dress (it’s not always white)
  • The colour theme of the wedding
  • The colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses
  • No Black
  • No White (even if the bride wears another colour)

The style of dress will then depend largely on her body type. If her body type is pear shaped, then an A-line dress that cinches in at the waist will be most suitable. A bolero or shawl over the shoulders will also add some needed bulk to that area. If on the other hand, her body type is apple shaped, then best suited is a dress that cinches in just under the bust and then flows out into a narrower skirt. This will enhance the narrowest area of the stomach and also draw attention to her lean legs.

The mother’s dress should never, ever look like a bridal dress, while it should look beautiful and should look more special than a general guest’s dress, it should never, ever compete with the bride’s dress. With this in mind, the embellishment on the mother’s dress should not be too over-the-top, although some embellishment is nice, especially for an evening wedding.

Last but not least – buy comfortable shoes and wear them prior to the wedding… the last thing the wedding needs is for the mother-of-the bride to be hobbling around with blisters on her feet or learning how to walk on high heels on the day.