21st Century Problems

You wake up in the morning and the first thing that hits you is the unending list of things you have to do. Before getting out of bed or even the night before, you mentally or on paper, make a plan for the day. If, however, during those first few minutes of your day, you have already derailed from the plan by looking at your Facebook or checking your emails – you’ve had it, your plan has failed.

The biggest problem of the 21st century is perhaps the vast amount of devices available at hand to access the internet coupled up with lack of self-control, and this dear all, is not some scientific study I researched, but an everyday proof of my failure to concentrate, mostly on my studies. Give me anything else: work, organization stuff I have to do, but the moment I sit down to study my head floats far away, and within a few minutes I’m updating my Facebook status, commenting and doing a million other unnecessary things.

However, I’ve realised that there is no one to blame but myself really. It’s not like other people I know aren’t sitting down concentrating, doing their own thing. It takes not only self-control, but an ability to prioritise and firmly say to oneself, ‘ I’m going to do this or else there will be consequences’.

This goes for every experience we go through life. To succeed we have to be in control of ourselves and our decisions. I’m not trying to be inspirational, although there’s no harm in that; I’m trying to be logical – what we do, will lead to consequences. Conquering yourself and your acknowledged faults is perhaps the greatest hurdle of all and the only one that matters. Getting over the apathy that hits you when you sit down to do mundane things is indeed the first step to free oneself from another wasted day, which leaves you feeling like you have accomplished nothing. So prioritise and action!