Sunday Flea Market in Birgu

A few of the treasures I took back home

After visiting a friend’s place last weekend I decided it was time for me to pick up some of my own treasures from local markets. Her place was full of gems from the past and she explained that she often visited the market in Birgu.

So off I went and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Atmosphere means a lot to me and it was very lively, fun and good-spirited. I had only just arrived and I had already got my eyes on a marble jewellery box. When I asked for the price I was amazed to find out it was going for 5 Euros. I couldn’t believe my luck!
During my trail around the market I found quite a few pieces that I liked, and none of them seemed too expensive, so if you are looking for a bargain, this market is worth visiting.

I do have a few suggestions for you if this is something you wish to pursue on your Sundays:

1. The sellers set up shop very early in the morning, I know Sunday is the day of rest but sacrifices must be made when it comes to antiques!
2. If something does catch your eye I would suggest going around the whole market before purchasing it (especially if you have a hunch you might find one for cheaper!). Sometimes different sellers have the same item but for different prices, so beware!
3. Haggle, Haggle, Haggle! Prices are set to be dropped, the sellers understand this, so should you!
4. Be careful not to get carried away – I sometimes get so excited when I see pretty things that I need to remind myself that not everything I see is essential. I believe this is a problem for most shop-a-holics!
5. Bring your own tote, or else you’d end up with lots of little plastics bags, which is unnecessary, frustrating and not the best of looks.

If you know of a market, or any furniture or vintage place of interest, please share in the comment section – we would love to hear from you!