Independent Designers

be original

In the wake of Malta Fashion Week, one cannot help but muse over what has been seen and done. One of my most rewarding impressions is that of seeing the new independent designer community in Malta churn out such beautiful designs.

The biggest challenge an independent designer faces is the most basic one of all – convincing customers that it is worth shelling out the extra money for their products.

Being a lover of all things original (of course there are some big budget labels which I adore) I have always tended to favour unique independent designers over big budget soulless brands.

Unfortunately, most people’s mentality is that they would never compare a product from an independent designer to one from a high-end ‘designer’. Instead, they compare it to something bought off the high street. This is highly incorrect. The high street manufactures thousands and thousands of the same product and whilst some labels do produce high quality garments and accessories, nothing is unique, no product has been planned and designed and carefully put together for hours.

When you buy something from an actual designer, you are buying the fruit of their personal labour, their skill, their design and in most circumstances, something that will never be exactly reproduced (this is not even true of big budget designer labels) and that latter part is what seals the deal for me! I love the idea of owning something nobody else has, of knowing there is no chance in hell that I will turn up to a party and see someone wearing the same dress.