Beauties of Canada: Wrongly crowned Miss Universe Canada

A human error shattered the illusion of Denise Garrido – the wrongly crowned Miss Universe Canada a few days ago. Ms.Garrido actually placed third runner-up however when tabulating the calculations after the event, the organizers realised the mistake. The crown belonged to Riza Santos. Denise’s words, actions and grace following the news is a true reflection of the kind of integrity and true beauty of these young women. Riza showed perfect humility and grace when told she was the true winner.

“My heart was starting to sink and when the error was announced, I was in a daze,” she said after she was called into a meeting. “It was absolutely surreal. This fairytale/nightmare happened within 24 hours.”

The organizers apologised to this human error and unfortunate circumstance however “it is only right to correct the error,” the organization stated.

The 26 year old beauty from Calgary, Alberta will be representing Canada at the Miss Universe pageant in December.