Female Banksy Hits The London Art Scene

Bambi - Lift my spirit Left: William & Kate, right: David Beckham
Images copywrite: Bambi

You would have to have been living under a rock to have not heard of the East London street artist Banksy. Yes his art is great and controversial but the real fascination stems from his anonymity, regardless of awards he may win or any exposure or money he may be offered – he refuses to reveal himself, and this is intriguing.

You are, however, forgiven if you haven’t heard of new kid on the block, ‘Bambi’. Similar to Banksy, but Bambi is a she, also from East London whose urban art graces the walls of Brad Pitt, Rihanna and Kate Moss to name just a few. Now the anonymity is exciting enough, however, here the plot thickens. Bambi is in fact an A-list international singer known worldwide but only three people in fact know her real identity, one of these being her manager and mentor Lenny Villa.

The alias stems apparently from the fact that her father used to call her ‘bambino’ when she was younger, and this lady refuses to reveal herself as anything more. Most famously, so far, she is known for her tribute painting of Amy Winehouse on a wall close to the singer’s home in Camden, her painting commemorating Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement in Islington and her painting of David Beckham in a pie and mash shop is rumoured to have been gifted to him for free as she sees him as a great ambassador for the UK.

Further clues about Bambi’s identity include she drives an Aston Martin, loves James Bond, Vivienne Westwood and has a flat in LA and the South of France. With her artwork now flying out sporting six figure price tags… Who’s your money on?