Words at Bubble festival

This year I’ll be taking care of a small section called ‘Words’ at the Bubble festival. Whilst some writers are more than eager to share and present their work, others are clutching at their notebooks tightly, afraid of what might happen when their thoughts, feelings and experiences are presented to an audience.

It is indeed a daunting task and especially the first few experiences of sharing your work are scary. Am I naked right now? Can they read into my every thought? These are just some of the thoughts that are going, nay racing, through your head as the words emerge from your parched mouth..

.. but I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you’re interested in performed poetry, listening to excerpts from original novels and short stories as well as scripts, then you’ll find what we have prepared for you very enticing. Writers include Simon Sultana Harkins, Gordon Calleja, Rita Debono, Alexia Curmi, Miriam Calleja, Marie Gion and Andrei Vella Laurenti.

There will be a different performance on the 8th and 9th of June at around 2pm at the Buskett Roadhouse stage. Bring your notebooks and be inspired.