Interview with Steve Hili

Where do you live: Isla

Status: Married?

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Presenter Le Meridien Breakfast Show on XFM, play-right, actor, stand-up comedian, singer, entertainer

Favourite Music: Reggae, Peter Tosh and of course Baron Bubblebeef!

Lived: Malta, England, Cambodia, Namibia and Australia

Steve Hili is best known as being the naughtiest presenter on Maltese radio, the Le Meridien Big Breakfast Presenter on XFM.His alter-ego Baron Bubblebeef wrote and sang “Jennifer’s Dead”. He wrote plays like Romeo and Juliet 2 and a Zombie, and has many acting roles to his credit in theatre. Steve is also at the forefront of the current stand-up comedy scene in Malta.

You do many things Steve, which is most important to you?

I love the radio work which I did since the age of 17, both in Malta and briefly in Australia. That has been the most fulfilling, but I also enjoy writing, and acting. The stand-up comedy has really developed over the last couple of years, and I want to take it further.

You talk about the taboo topic of sex and sexuality. What inspires you to walk this path?

I look back at my own Catholic upbringing in Malta, where sex education was not given for fear it would encourage children to experiment. It was considered that even seeing photos of a naked woman would harm us.

Inevitably, being closed about this most natural and important area of life has left generations of inhibited people, with huge hang-ups. I like to bring it into the open to help people who have suffered in their ignorance.

There is a serious message in all of my comedy, and all the situations portrayed have been real at some point in life. At the same time I want it to be light-hearted and silly. To pull off the balance is very rewarding for a writer.

Do you have problems “pushing the barriers”?

Yes, I have had many complaints over the years, often from those who pass judgement without hearing the material on radio or in my shows, so they criticise from lack of knowledge and understanding. I have been threatened with fines for what I said, but that never happened.

At the end of the day I say what I believe in, and I know it helps many man and women who have been brought up with the idea that sex is a sin.

Who inspires you?

Steve Wright was my real inspiration to get into radio, which I started at 17. Other inspirations were Ben Elton, Rowan Atkinson and more recently Chris Moyles. My wife Kat is also a great inspiration. She was born in Australia to Maltese emigrant parents. Some women would always challenge new ideas, saying, “Is that sensible?” Kat is the opposite. She encourages me to push the boundaries and do things which I may not have done without her encouragement, even moving to Cambodia for three years. It is amazing to have a partner who is open, enthusiastic and completely on the same wavelength. Kat allowed me to free up.

Tell me about your new show.

This will be an adult puppet show – SEX CONFESSIONS OF A MALTESE MAN – opening on 6 June with myself and Maltese Puppeteer Sean Briffa who will “operate” all the other characters.

This is the story of a generation of Maltese men! The tale of a sexual journey shared by most 30 something men in Malta through a hybrid of stand up and puppets.

From being a school boy in pre-internet days and secretly watching Colpo Grosso, to having a girlfriend who would not have sex because it was a sin (but was fine with giving blow-jobs) to that tryst which left you unsure if you had lost your virginity or not.

The audience will be encouraged to participate via a questionnaire that will be filled out before the show begins – enabling statistics about the sex lives of the spectators to be included in the show too.

Sex Confessions of a Maltese man is a funny, honest and brutal adult show. And it is certainly not for the faint-hearted!