Look and Feel Great this Summer!

credit: www.babble.com

Summer weather in Malta has officially begun, and we are all looking forward to lazy afternoons spent at the beach, and relaxing days with our friends and family soaking up the sun. As glorious as our Maltese summers are, the extreme heat and humidity can take a toll on us, and leave us feeling rather drained and exhausted. Our skin will be much more susceptible to dehydration, however there are certain measures which can be taken to avoid all this havoc, and keep us looking and feeling great all summer long!

First of all, a multivitamin is essential to keep us feeling in tip-top form. Of course this should be complemented by our five-a-day, which is so easy to do during summer. The variety of refreshing fruits available on the market in summer leave us spoilt for choice and, of course, salads are much more satisfying than heavy, hot meals.

Healthy eating is easier, and sticking to a balanced diet will keep you feeling energetic and make your skin glow. Of course, 2 litres of water a day will keep dehydration at bay and again, your skin will thank you for it.

Apart from eating healthily and properly hydrating our bodies, there are various products which complement the healthy lifestyle we adopt. A sun block with a high SPF is essential, and a specific one designed for the delicate skin on our face is also a must. After-sun lotion and a hydrating facial moisturiser, will keep your skin smooth and silky and properly moisturised. Sun glasses and floppy, wide-brimmed hats will protect us further from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and will also give us a classy edge! Light cotton dresses, with bright bold colours will complete the look, and the natural cotton fabric will allow our skin to breathe.

It is essential to carry your sun block around with you and reapply as necessary. I also like carrying around lip balm which also has sun protection, to keep my lips from flaking, and keep them soft and smooth.  A hydrating mist which you can get from virtually any pharmacy is great to spritz on your face when you are feeling hot, and the bonus is that these will not smudge your make up, in fact they help in keeping it right where it is! They are refreshing and again will keep your skin moisturised and hydrated.

A little effort goes a long way and following these simple tips will definitely leave you looking and feeling great, all summer long!!