Looking good After a Plane Ride

A plane ride is one of the things that can cause most havoc to our appearance. When flying off on a holiday, looking somewhat the worse for wear after your flight is not the worst thing on earth. However, when flying out on a business trip or to meet your long-distance boyfriend, looking good when stepping off the plane might be very important.

So how to avoid travel image disasters? For starters DON’T wear clothes that get easily creased, you might fall asleep, try to curl up on the seat or just indulge in general creasing clothes behaviour and this is not a good look. I love to wear tunics and leggings whilst travelling. I like to pick tunics made of jersey, lycra or stiff material rather than cotton or linen ones. This ensures that I am comfortable on the plane – what’s more comfortable than a pair of leggings? – and also that after the plane ride I will generally not be wearing creased or rumpled clothes.

Drink lots and lots of water and avoid applying too much make-up prior to the ride. Some make-up products such as foundations and powders might end up cracking and looking a bit messy if the skin dehydrates too much. Unfortunately some skin dehydrates even if you drink a lot of water, I am one of those people and as such only wear eye-liner and mascara and maybe a hint of blush when travelling. I also like to carry around a refreshing tonic face spray. I find this helps my skin stay moister.

So there you have it! Follow these tips on your next plane ride, if you want to step off the plane looking glam and stylish.