High Heels and Ab Crunches

High heels and ab crunches are not generally words found sitting alongside each other, but I have news for you, they are actually pretty well related!!

To walk on very high heels you need BALANCE, and one of the most important things to achieving good balance is a strong core. And what is one of the most important elements of a strong core? Strong ab muscles of course!!

There’s nothing more I hate seeing, than grown woman tottering around on high heels that they are simply unable to walk on, it’s quite funny actually. Some women start to wobble and you see the little thin stiletto wavering, unable to sustain the wobbling. Other women walk really, really, slowly and others simply fall off their shoes, repeatedly. Of course the worst is when these women are walking down a hill; this can often be really hilarious. Girls if you can’t walk on that height, then simply don’t buy shoes that high… there’s nothing wrong with a lower heel and it might save your neck/back and ankles.

However, if wearing sky-high heels is truly your biggest wish, than some exercise will go a long way in achieving better balance. So next time the thought of doing some sit-ups or crunches crosses your mind and you’re about to push it away again, think of those pretty shoes that you’d so love to wear but can’t. This thought might go a long way in convincing you to go for those crunches.