Ever Heard of Jonah Falcon?

Jonah is a dopey looking talk show host, actor, and writer from New York City. He has appeared as an extra in things like the Sopranos and Sex in the City but Jonah’s real claim to fame is his claim that he has the largest penis on the planet. And you could probably see it from space.

We’re talking enormous. Twenty-four centimetres when flaccid and a whopping thirty four when erect. That’s longer than your ruler. And slightly less easy to carry around in your satchel.

Jonah’s mighty manhood has even got him into trouble before – he was stopped last year at an airport because of the bulge in his pants, but even though he maintains that he can fit his foreskin around a doorknob (just in case) he has so far refused the – no-doubt – constant offers of work he gets from the porn industry.

Not that he hasn’t cashed in on his super sausage before. He has appeared in documentaries, been on Howard Stern’s show loads of times, and was even featured in Rolling Stone (long before that other dick, Bieber). Now however he has decided to lift up his pork-sword, and use it to conquer the world of pop music with this infectious track ‘It’s too big’.

And if the foam cover falls off the mic, there is always his foreskin!