C for Concealers

Powder concealer, liquid stick Palette including camouflage Concealers, pencil concealer Kim Kardashian using concealer to contour

Concealer is a girl’s best friend to hide any imperfections, from dark circles to large pores to spots and blemishes!

Concealer comes in various shapes and sizes, such as stick, liquid, pencil and powder concealers, however stick and liquid concealers are the two forms mostly used and produced.

Stick Concealer is usually quite thick in nature and is generally used for high coverage whilst liquid concealer is lighter in consistency and is used for areas such as the under eye.

Apart from normal skin tone colours, concealers come in a number of shades, all serving their own purpose:

  • White – Helps bring dull bluish to black skin to life
  • Green – Helps to hide redness such as blemishes, spots and rosacea
  • Orange/Yellow – Helps hide bluish/purple skin such as bruises or dark circles
  • Purple – Used on yellowish tones, such as discoloured, pale skin in order to even out the skin tone.

Apart from using concealer to hide imperfections, one can use concealer to contour the face. Use dark concealers to reduce, deepen, darken and conceal “bad areas”, whilst light concealer is used to enlarge and highlight your best features.

For contouring and correction purposes, therefore using the coloured concealers, it’s best to apply the concealer before applying foundation.

Applying concealer after foundation to hide blemishes, spots and dark circles is more effective, as I realised from experience, since you can correct imperfections without making your make up look cakey.

Keep one thing in mind with concealer, don’t go overboard and fixate on hiding your imperfections, simply minimize them using these tips and tricks!

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