Who deserves a tip?


Where is the rule book? Everyone is asking the same question yet somehow no one seems to know the answer.

Why do I tip a taxi driver who drives too fast but not a hairdresser who did a great job with my hair?

I used to work in a shop way back when, it was busy most of the time, selling interiors and clothes – I helped the customers all the time, I ran back and forth to the changing rooms to get new sizes or made an effort to find suitable gifts for clueless men ;) – but I was never tipped. Even when they expressed how much they appreciated my help.

After work I used to cross the square and go for a drink or coffee at a lounge/bar, and the same person who I’d helped earlier during his lunch break that same day happened to be serving me in the bar. I tipped him.

I can safely say my efforts were bigger than his that day, but those are the rules and I wonder why?

Of all the people working in a service related job, face to face with clients, why do some of those need a tip? Is the actual wage very low or is it because their job is less attractive and they need a bonus? There’s no sense to this idea at all.

On pure instinct, I’d much rather give something extra to a doctor, a nail technician or a friendly shop assistant rather than give a cent to a sloppy waitress or a guy in a hotel who brings my luggage to my room (it’s so hard to push a luggage in to the lift).

What’s your opinion, do you even tip the ones we are ‘meant’ to tip if they give bad service, or do you feel guilty not to?