Interview with Bernard Polidano

photography: Bernard Polidano

What keeps you motivated with respect to photography?

My motivation comes from the fact that I’m in love with life and all the beauty that surrounds us. I am inspired by different qualities of light, beautiful women, amazing locations and the other great editorial work that is being done around the world.

Are there any international models that you would like to work with? And mention two dream locations you’d like to shoot in.

Actually there is more than one model that has impressed me time after time and I would really love to shoot models like Bianca Balti, Kate Moss and Lara Stone. As with regards to a location – I’d love to do a shoot in the beautiful Corsica. They actually shot last year’s Pirelli Calendar there.

We know that you have won a title at the Malta Fashion Awards – where do you keep your prized trophies?

Hehe… I keep mine, as well as those of Natasha, at the studio. During the past 15 years of the Malta Fashion Awards history, between myself and Natasha we have won five trophies in all.

Do you like the technical part of photography or do you see it as a means to an end?

They say that in fashion photography there are no rules, I don’t agree with this. The rules are there – you just have to know how to use them and abuse them as they say. I come from the old school of photography where I grew up with film and developers and this has helped me a lot. I think the technical part is very important because it makes all the difference between being a good photographer and just a point-and-shoot photographer.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? What’s next?

Well my plans are many, I would definitely love to put up an exhibition in the coming months with some of my best pieces. As with regards to what’s next… who knows! I love to live day by day, life goes on as it has. But I’ll definitely keep SHOOTING PEOPLE : )