Into Summer: Refreshing Art at SO Galerie

Fine art photographs by David Pisani and papier mache sculpture by Liliana Fleri Soler

“Into Summer” is a collective made up of 60 works of art exhibited in a space that is full of light and life at SO Galerie. Not only do you get a hint of what each artist is about, but you’re sure to enjoy the variety. The connection between the art pieces is the theme – summer – and its various interpretations by a number of artists.

The first thing that my senses appreciated was the different textures: sculptures, paintings, pieces in mixed media, colourful and more subtle paintings of varying size. This was sure to cater for different tastes to say the least. In addition, if you’re looking to embellish a space in your house but you’re not quite sure where to start from, this is a good exhibition to go to for ideas. From Andrew Diacono’s statues, which seem to be enjoying the leisurely slowness of the season, to Armen Vahramyan’s figures busily going about their day, and back to Oksana Veber whose images leap off the walls and haunt one’s imagination, make sure to take your time appreciating, exploring and perhaps connecting with the art in the nooks and crannies of this exhibition space. Don’t miss Liliana Fleri Soler’s characters which live in a world of their own or David Pisani’s breathtaking photographs of the Maltese Islands. If this already sounds enticing, there is even more to see.

Visit SO Galerie in Iklin to immerse yourself in visual joy. This exhibition is on until the end of July 2013.

(1 )Liliana Fleri Soler (2) David Pisani  (3) Gabriel Caruana (4) Anna Nightingale (5) Svetlana Dragojevic (6) Andrew Diacono (7) Pierre Giusti (8) Armen Vahramyan (9) Oksana Veber (10)  Vzeg Tamazian (11) Edvard Nikornov (12) Ashot Asatrian (13) Andrew Micallef (14) Seyran Gasparian

Open Mon-Fri 10 – 13 hrs 16 – 18 hrs, Sat 10 – 13 hrs, or by appointment | Facebook page