Do you want a relationship? – then prepare for it

Do you desire a relationship and it does not happen?

What energies are you giving when you meet someone. If you are too “needy” or desperate, the other person will sense that and back away. Have an attitude of being available but “I don’t care if you like me or not” and the person will want to rise to the challenge of getting to you.

Do you know what you don’t want in a partner? Yes… that’s a great start as it shows you what you do want. Perhaps you are already “asking the Universe” for what you want, but be careful, you may get what you ask for and not what you want.

At the bakery, if you want a fruit tart (no pun intended) don’t just ask for a cake, or you may get an imitation cream sponge cake which you don’t like, so ask for a fruit tart.

Write down what you want in specific, positive words, rather than what you don’t want in negative terms. That clarifies the mind and you build the picture of your future “soul mate”. Then ask the Universe for it.

Next clear the clutter of your previous relationships, both in physical items, photos, jewellery, gifts and anything which perpetuates the memories. Your emotional baggage also needs a spring clean – give thanks for what passed, and finally let go of it.

Only then will you and your home be prepared for the new visitor.

Finally stop saying negative things like all men are unfaithful, or all women are possessive. Let go of the negative concepts and be open to meet your true Soul Mate.