Let’s Twist Again


With designers turning collectively to the sixties for fashion inspiration, it is only natural that us poor mortals attempt to match our make-up to these Beatles-era garments.


They are the focus of the entire make-up do. Upside down banana and feline flicks using thick black liner can be rendered even braver and bolder by using a coloured liner for the flick. Mascara is equally essential as it gives definition to the eyes and it seals the statement eye idea.


Heavy, boxy eyebrows frame the face in a very sixties-like manner. Since modern ladies tend to prefer the more groomed adaptation of the heavy eyebrow, a straighter shape can be drawn simply by using an eyebrow pencil. Spend some time looking at your shade options to find the hue that is closest to your hair colour. Also, do try to fill in your brows using light strokes, unless you want people to wonder whether your brows were drawn in by a five year old.


In order to balance out the bold eye look, a nude lip is ideal. A timeless classic, the nude lipstick can also come in a variety of shades: peach, pink or beige. To make your lips look plumper, apply a hint of lipgloss on the centre section to create a more defined curvature.