Do you agree with Angelina Jolie’s decision?

Today I started off a discussion about Angelina Jolie’s preventive double mastectomy with my girlfriends. There were three of us – and each had a different opinion.

We all know the facts: Angelina Jolie tested her body for BRCA1 gene mutation, which drastically increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Tests came out positive, so to prevent death at a young age, like her mother’s, Angelina underwent a preventive double mastectomy.

Doctors’ opinion stated that after 3 months of surgeries the risk of having cancer dropped from 87% to under 5 %.

Now all the questions start – did Angelina make the right decision agreeing to expensive and painful surgeries for removing healthy breast tissues and reconstructing both breasts?

Maybe she was scared and doctors took advantage of a woman who cares for her family and would like to witness their kids’ lives?

One of the health magazines states that in reality everyone has cancer micro-tumours in their bodies. Cancer is something you must “manage” or “prevent” day by day, meal by meal, through a lifestyle choice that involves vitamin D supplementation, nutrition, vegetable juices and avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals and radiation.
A healthy lifestyle diet includes raw citrus, resveratrol (red grapes or red wine), raw cruciferous vegetables, omega-3 oils and much more. These foods help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.

So could expensive tests and surgical procedures be unnecessary?

My girlfriend, who is always up-to-date with trends and celebrity favourites, suspects that Angelina was planning to improve her breasts by plastic surgery, but didn’t want public opinion to hate her. So she (or her team of advisors) made a deal with all involved medical companies and plotted this sophisticated story that includes cancer, fear of leaving her children, will-power to help women all around the world, to cover up plastic surgery and to be praised by everybody.

Sometimes it scares me how public opinion can rule the world in making life-changing decisions.

I am very interested in your point of view. Let me know what you think.