Interview with Jessica “Jessika” Muscat

Jessika - Eurovision 2013 Jessika Ibiza, Golden Ways

Age:- 24

Where do you live:- Mosta

Status:- Single

Star Sign:- Pisces

Main occupation:- Spanish teacher

Media-related occupation:- Singer/actress

Jessika is a Maltese singer/dancer/songwriter. She was born February 27, 1989 and was discovered on national Maltese television station in 2008 during the Malta Song for Europe Festival. ‘Tangled’, her debut song, hit the airwaves some weeks later followed by “Sweet Temptation” which placed second in the Malta Hit Song Festival. 2009 also marked the year of Jessika’s debut album release, ‘Home Run’. The album contains 11 original tracks in all, seven songs in English and four in Maltese.

In the summer of 2009 she signed for a 10-day vocal program camp in Hollywood. The journey started in Milbrae where Jessika gave her first performance only one day after landing in the States. Shortly after, she headed down to Los Angeles for an intensive voice training programme with leading vocal coach Seth Riggs after having been accepted into Riggs’ Speech Level Singing programme. Riggs who discovered the secret shared by over 120 Grammy Winners for his renowned Speech Level Singing Technique (SLS) has worked with some of the world’s top vocal talents including Faith Hill, Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton, Kelly Clarkson and many more. After completing vocal training Jessika went on to her next commitment, where she gave a live performance in popular Anaheim, situated exactly next to the world-famous Disneyland.

In 2010, Jessika graduated in B.A. Communications and Hispanic Studies at the University of Malta and precisely one year later she once more managed to make it to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Down Down Down’, a self-penned song penned with music composed by Philip Vella. Jessika’s songs – Love is a Fire and Dance Romance made it from the first selection to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. 2013 sees Jessika’s return with a bang! Teaming up with the writers who managed to bring Malta the first second placing in Eurovision – Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg – along with the dynamite writer in her arsenal – Thomas G:son. The Swedish songwriter, who has written Loreen’s 2012 Eurovision Song Contest winner – Euphoria – has joined forces with Borg and Vella to create the song – Ultraviolet which Jessika performed in the Malta Eurovision Final this year and placed fourth in the public vote. Currently she is also working on her new album with Paul Powell and recently released the first single/music video “Golden Ways”. The name Jessika as a stage name was chosen together with Paul Powell as a good name to market not just in Malta, but also abroad.


How desperate are you to be a famous singer?

That is what I wanted to do since I was young. If it happens then it’s a plus.

Are you a good cook? If yes, what is it that you make really well?

Yes I am, I do sushi best, that is what my family say.

What do you think about when you’re performing?

I think about the song I’m performing, as I always want to grab the audience’s attention on the feel of the song.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go?

4,000 euros for my second hand car!

What role does technology play in your life?

A big part even in my occupation as a teacher as I know its great importance in life nowadays. In fact my long essay regarded this particular issue.

Do you look forward to the January sales?

Not that much.