What we need to know – genetically modified foods

Doctors used to recommend smoking cigarettes for good health, until many years later the real effects of cancer were discovered. Now Science plays with nature and the public are guinea pigs in the big experiment. The aim is not to feed the starving millions, but for financial gain, and dare I say, POWER.

I am talking about one huge Corporation – more powerful indeed than the US Government.

Monsanto, a controversial American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation (who used to manufacture controversial products like DDT and PCBs), say that scientists have proved no harmful effects of GM (Genetically Modified) foods. Some countries have banned Monsanto already, and on 25 May protest marches will be held in more than 40 countries against Monsanto and Genetically Modified Foods. There is growing evidence that genetically modified crops can cause allergies, infertility and disease, and the vital bee population is being seriously affected.

Many NGOs in Malta are working together in this vital issue to protect our rights to grow and to eat natural healthy foods. They want to increase public awareness of what is happening, as well as promoting healthy eating. Malta has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe. That can change with awareness and healthy eating, which will save millions of Euros in healthcare costs, if we would just all eat a healthy diet of natural foods.

Much more information is available at www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonsantoMalta

Make your own judgement based on knowledge.

25 May is just one date to highlight the issues at stake, but vigilance will been needed beyond that date to protect our Freedom of choice.