The way we were

Is it not strange that sometimes you find yourself in a place, or you hear a song or smell something, and a rush of memories comes rushing back to you. Nostalgia, is indeed a bitter-sweet feeling that can either leave you hopeful or else slightly depressed. It can also lead you to take certain decisions that in hindsight you know were a mistake. And when that happens what do you do?

That is a tricky question, because one of the biggest weaknesses that I think is most difficult to overcome, is the comparison that we make in our heads between our present and our past, trying to relive moments that we have perfected in our head, when you know that, in reality, things were not at all perfect.

Memory is indeed a tricky thing, it deludes us and comes back to us with a such a force that leaves us questioning all that we thought we knew. Leaving us lost between the days gone by and the present. We are our own worst enemy, and those who don’t conquer themselves, are indeed more prone to losing the battle.

However, when you get lost in all this bitter-sweet feeling, snap out of it. Life is already too short the way it is and we cannot really afford to waste time living in the past, thinking about the past. Easier said than done but we have to try, and in the words of many 15 year olds, Y.O.L.O (you only live once) or carpe diem (seize the day!), for the better intellectual. The main point is, we don’t have any time to waste – so better the mind, better your days.