Create A Perfect Base #2 – Foundation

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Well applied foundation should be invisible – all others should notice is flawless, glowing skin. Here are a few tips to achieve just that:

Tools Needed

  • Flat foundation brush or stippling brush
  • The right foundation

Different types of foundation

Tinted Moisturiser – If you don’t need a lot of coverage, then tinted moisturiser is just what you need. It softens and protects the skin whilst adding a hint of colour.

Mousse Foundation – Mousse make-up is liquid make-up with air whipped in it, thus making it lighter, smoother and easier to apply. This type of foundation is good for all skin types, but it’s especially great for those with dry or ageing skin because of its tendency of smooth application without the caking up of facial lines.

Liquid Foundation – This is the commonest type of foundation used. Choose your perfect shade and make sure that it is beneficial for your skin type and you’re good to go.

Cream to Powder Foundation – This foundation goes on as a cream or a liquid but then proceeds to dry to a powder finish. Do NOT apply finishing powder after application of this foundation, for obvious reasons. Furthermore, I would not recommend this type of foundation for those of you with dry skin as this type may cause even more dryness and flakiness.

Mineral Make-up – This is a relatively new type of make-up  It has very few ingredients and tends to be perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Apply it with a big, puffy brush and build up layers for a “soft focus” look.



Prepare the skin.

Apply a face primer.

I find it easier to start applying foundation from the middle of the face and keep working outwards.

Make sure to blend well. Pay special attention to the jaw and hairline to ensure that there are no obvious lines where the foundation application stops.

Apply concealer to needed areas. Tips on this part of the application will be detailed in the next article of this series.

Set your foundation with finishing powder.

Next article in this series – Concealing and the Colour Wheel – Stay tuned!